Regional Center for Tourism development (Ryazan city, Russia).

Established in 2017 to increase the tourist attractiveness of the region by increasing entrepreneurial activity in tourism sector. The center unites the efforts of all the representatives of regional hospitality sector, functions as professional consultant and business incubator in tourism sector. Activities: space for interaction, collaboration and experience exchange; developing and assisting projects in tourism; grant programs; seminars and trainings.

ITIP Business mentor – Oksana Kutukova, Head of Regional Center for Tourism development.

Seregin Aircraft LLC (Samara city, Russia).

Aircraft and aircraft parts developer and producer with headquarters in Samara city, Russian Federation. Company products: six-seat twin-engined amphibian flying boat ASK-62 and ASK-62 kits.

ITIP Business mentor – Venedikt Nayanov, Commercial director.

Osnovnoi product Ltd  produces flips, corn curls, sweet and salty snacks, breakfast cereals, cornflakes, pop corn and healthy diet food. Sales in Russia, CIS countries, Germany, the USA. Portfolio includes 6 trade marks, product range: more than 50 names.

Business mentor: Alexander Pyzhianov, Company director