When designing our programs we focus on the following principlas:

  1. Evolution. Nature is smart and when observing it, we find the hints for designing our educational programs: challenge that we confront leads to new solutions and development; there should be support in environment to overcome the challenge, tools that we have.
  2. We always think about the client, what he will be able to implement, his character and resources.
  3. Assessment is used as a key signal for the tutor\mentor\guide to change his activity.
  4. Motivation in nature is the desire to survive and spread. What will it be in case of human beings: teenagers, adults, seniors?

Values that we share:

EARN EXPERIENCE. The best way to master your skills and is develop a real project in a real business situation.

CROSS-FUNCTIONAL TEAM WORK. A group of people with different functional expertise work toward a common goal. Interaction of the members create a greater effect than the sum effects of each member acting alone, leading to a high level of creativity. WE LEARN TO MANAGE AND BENEFIT FROM THE DIVERSITY OF EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE AND KNOWLEDGE.

PROJECT AND TEAM WORK. We learn to choose methodology that suits you and current situation at most.

SYSTEM THINKING. Develop situation analysis (key players, processes, interrelation).

ENTREPRENEURIAL\INTRAPRENEURIAL APPROACH. Pro-active approach. Look for new solutions and advantages.