ITIP Report January-February, 2017 Local and global entrepreneurship (Samara, Russia)

This time ITIP was devoted to the topic: Local and global entrepreneurship and was organised for the students of the Samara State University of Economics and Alliance University.

The program goal was to select high potential students, make effecient international teams and develop own business projects or accomplish technical tasks provided by companies.

Most of projects were designed to be implemented in Samara region in the period before and during FIFA WORLD CUP 2018. 9 companies were invilved as customers. The spheres: Promotion of Local brands, Tourism and Hospitality, Restaurants and Entertainment.

Focus skills: system thinking, situation analysis, personal position analysis, after-action review, creative thinking, team work, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

Our results: 84 applicants for the program, 54 participants, 28 students successfully graduated, 9 students were participating in more than one project. 9 projects were developed.

2 thoughts on “ITIP Report January-February, 2017 Local and global entrepreneurship (Samara, Russia)”

  1. If you decide to develop professionally and don’t know how to start, then you went to the correct site. I participated in the program “Local and global internship” twice. Both times were extremely interesting and, without doubt, I would have participated more. The first time I prepared projects for two organizations. The first was the cafe “I love you (Я люблю тебя)”, the second – the trademark “At Palych (У Палыча)”. The second time I participated in the project for the online platform “Fantasyon”. Working in a team, improving the language, drawing up a personal development plan are all things that should not be thought of when you decide to participate in these projects. You just have to take and do.
    Therefore, I certainly recommend taking part in such a project at least once in my life. After all, as the Chinese sages said, you need to learn all your life, to the last breath!

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