ITIP Report June-July, 2016 AUTOMOTIVE CLUSTER OF SAMARA REGION (Togliatti, Russia)

During 18th June – 3rd July 2016 International team internship program (ITIP) was organized for University of Maribor (Maribor, Slovenia), Samara University (Samara, Russia) and Togliatti Academy of Management (Togliatti, Russia) students at Automotive Cluster of Samara region (ACSR).

Three students studying E-business, IT and Logistics participated in this program. The trainees gained the experience of solving real practical tasks in two spheres: Logistics and IT.

A team of three students from the University of Maribor, Togliatti Academy of Management and Samara University made one international team and worked in ACSR.

The program was started with the welcome speech of ACSR General Director Mr. Dusan Busen and Russian-Slovene Club of Businessmen Director Anastasia Putkina. They presented company profile, projects and activities.

The task was divided into two stages: developing an IT portal and creating an educational module in the sphere of Logistics. At the end of the 1st stage (1st week) there was a meeting with mentors where the trainees presented their first results: the concept of IT portal. At the end of internship there was a final report to ACSR General Director and internship mentors, where the trainees presented the following projects: «IT portal for the ACSR» and «Educational module in the sphere of Logistics».

Internship results were presented during the Russian-Slovene Club of Businessmen annual meeting and got feedback from club members.

In the frames of the program the participants visited CIMOS-ZKS company. The idea was to get acquainted with the region and its industry.

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