ITIP Report January-February, 2016 LADA Image, AVTOVAZ RENAULT NISSAN Purchasing Organization (Togliatti, Russia)

Twenty-two students studying Marketing, Finance, IT, Operations, Economics and Management from Alliance University (Bangalore, India), Samara State University of Economics (Samara, Russia) and Togliatti Academy of Management (Togliatti, Russia) participated in the program. The trainees gained the experience of solving real practical tasks in two spheres: IT and Purchasing.

LADA Image company hosted the students for developing the projects in IT sphere. Program mentor from business was IT director Boris Frolov.
Seven students were divided into two teams to work on different IT projects: “Design and develop Survey System” and “Design and develop Employee Suggestion Management System”. On the 1st stage of work the trainees got the task to develop A3 forms and the concepts of interfaces. The first results were presented two weeks later.
During the next three weeks they worked on software development: data bases and interfaces. Every participant performed tasks according to the A3 form. As a result, by the end of the 2nd stage with the consulting support of LADA Image colleagues the teams developed the concepts of two systems.

AVTOVAZ RENAULT NISSAN Purchasing Organization. Eight MBA students from Alliance University, four Bachelor students from Togliatti Academy of Management and three Bachelor students from Samara State University of Economics were divided into international teams and worked in different ARNPO departments.
The program was started with the welcome speech of ARNPO General Director Mr. Venkatram Mamillapalle. The representatives of ARNPO Purchasing School, led by Maria Timonina, talked about company profile, projects and purchasing activity.
During the internship the participants worked in international teams of two – three people. Each group of trainees was assigned to different ARNPO departments and performed similar task: formation of supplier panel of specified commodity. Departments involved: Body in white, Powertrain, Chassis, Exterior, Indirect, Body&Electlrical. The program was divided into 2 stages. At the end of the 1st stage (2nd week) there was a meeting with mentors where the trainees presented their first results: the list of suppliers of specified commodity. The task for the 2nd stage of internship (3th – 5th week) was the choice of the most favorable suppliers. In the end of internship there was a final report to ARNPO General Director and internship mentors, where the trainees presented the results of work on the following projects: “Driving forces for increase in suppliers’ price», “Lada Granta – Supplier Resourcing for 1.6 L, 8 valves engine components”, “Fastners & Safety Supplier Analysis”, “Vendor Management & Technology Optimization”, “Introduction to Industry Sectors in India and Alternative Supplier for In-Direct Materials”, “Gas springs Supplier Analysis”, “Mirrors Supplier Analysis”.

In the frames of the program a number of special visits was organized: Togliatti City Hall, AVTOVAZ Museum and Lada Kalina assembly line, seaplane production companies: “Aviatech seaplane company”, “Gidrosamolet”, “Amadeus”. The idea was to get acquainted with the region and its industry.
Outside of the workplace, Indian students were able to explore Russia and the Russian culture through various trips organized by Academy students, including a visit to Serebro Severa sleddog kennel in Togliatti, “Stalin’s bunker” and “Samara Space Museum” in Samara city and Kazan Kremlin, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, in Kazan city.

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